3 Major Home Selling Tips and the Questions You Should Be Asking

August 11, 2020

Are you thinking about selling your home? Start the process the right way by following these 3 important steps with helpful follow-up questions.



1. Hire the Right Real Estate Advisor

The first and most important step in the home selling process is to hire the right real estate advisor. How do you know if your real estate agent is right for you? Keep these questions in mind when interviewing your realtor.

– How long has the real estate advisor been in the business?
– What separates the realtor from other real estate advisors or companies?
– How will your home be marketed?
– What is the realtor’s average list-price-to-sales-price ratio?


2. Be Realistic About Setting Your Home’s Listing Price

Pricing your home too high or too low can be a stressful dilemma. Keep in mind that if you price your home too high, the home loses it’s “new to market” freshness after just two weeks. Pricing your home below market value may give you multiple offers that will drive the price up to market. Talk with your real estate advisor and consider their advice. What is your home really worth? Questions to ask when pricing your home may include the following.

– What are the comparable listings in your area? (HINT: Ask your real estate advisor to see the CMA’s- Comparative Market Analysis)
– What have other comparable homes sold for in your area?
– Why have other comparable listings been withdrawn or expired? Were they priced too high or too low?
– What is your square-foot cost comparison?


3. Prepare Your Home

You want your home in tip-top shape before listing it on the market. Why? It has been statistically proven that curb appeal and the right listing photos can sell your home faster and/or for a higher price. Ask yourself these questions when getting your home ready for the market.

– What do you like about your neighbor’s or friend’s front and backyards? How can you compete?
– Do you need to give your landscaping a little extra love?
– Do you have excessive clutter inside your home? Should you start purging unwanted items before your next move?
– Do you have anything in your home that may make it difficult for buyers to “put themselves in your shoes?” This can include personal photos, artwork or an abundance of furniture. Buyers are trying to see themselves living in your space- Don’t make it more difficult for them than it already is.



Engel & Völkers Nashville real estate advisors are here to make your home selling or buying journey go as smooth as possible. Our real estate experts have the technology, the experience, the marketing and the network that you want behind you and your home. Would you like more information on what your home is worth in the current market? Fill out our Free Home Valuation form, reach out to one of our Real Estate Advisors, or find out more about our Home Selling Process.

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