I was born and raised in Middle Tennessee, and over the course of my life have lived in Williamson (Franklin/Brentwood), Davidson (Nashville), and Maury County (Columbia).  As a child I grew up in an antebellum home called "Montview" (circa 1840s) in Maury County, renovated by my father and grandfather in the 1980’s.

I attended the Randy Rayburn School of Culinary Arts in college with the idea of opening my own bakery, only to learn that there’s not enough croissants or coffee in the world to entice me to start rolling dough at 4am.

After almost a decade in the culinary and hospitality industry, I realized that my love for cooking and baking wasn’t necessarily a yearning for owning my own restaurant, but rather the emotional aspect that it provokes, the feeling of home. The fragrance of cinnamon rolls, the aroma of fresh baked bread, the sound of bacon sizzling in the pan; the sights, sounds, and smells that evoke memories of family, friendship, and community felt lost to me in a commercial kitchen. As much as I loved working in the industry, for me, my culinary passion was at home, and I felt the urge to hang up my chef’s coat and explore a new career field.

Since real estate and residential construction run on both sides of my family, as well as my realtor husband, already an established and respected agent, getting my real estate license felt like the right fit. 

My grandfather owned and operated Lenny Johns Construction, which specialized in new construction as well as old home restoration (mainly renovating antebellum homes including President James K. Polk's). My father inherited the family company and eventually started his own business specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodels, as well as custom carpentry. My great uncle, land developer and real estate broker Bob Crain, owned and operated Bob Crain Realty Co. in Memphis, TN during the 50’s and 60’s. 

To say that it’s in my DNA to cultivate a sense of “home” for others to enjoy would be an understatement.

As a true native born and raised in the heart of middle Tennessee, I’ve been blessed with incredible opportunities to build a rapport with the Nashville business community, working at some of the most prestigious fine dining restaurants in Nashville such as the legendary F. Scott’s and Belle Meade Country Club (ranked #52 of Top 150 Country Clubs by Platinum Clubs of America, five star clubs of excellence).

Although I’m no longer in the culinary industry, so many of those connections have transferred over into real estate.

When it comes to advising my clients on the purchase or sale of their home, a lot of the principles I use in real estate I learned and perfected during my years in the hospitality and culinary industry.

We all want someone to custom tailor an experience (be it a romantic anniversary dinner or buying a home) around who we are as individuals, as customers, as clients, as people.

Someone who listens when we talk about our dreams, someone who can say, “I get it. I hear you. Let’s walk through this process together.”

Whether you’re looking to downsize, upsize, invest, increase your net worth, become financially independent, purchase your first home, or build an oasis, it all begins with a knowledgeable advisor who can assist and tailor the experience around your individual needs. The cinnamon rolls and memories built within those walls are just the icing on the cake.